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DANOBAT has developed two highly versatile grinding machines for large parts machining for the company Grupos Diferenciales

Customised Grinders for Large Part Machining

Customised Grinders for Large Part Machining

DANOBAT has been developing two highly versatile grinding machines for Grupos Diferenciales. These grinders will make it possible to turn, grind and measure large parts using a high-efficiency process that ensures the utmost quality.

The challenge

Grupos Diferenciales, which specialises in producing high-tech gears for mechanical transmissions used in sectors such as the automotive industry, maritime transport, railway and aeronautics, performs technologically advanced tasks while providing high added value, using difficult to machine materials with close tolerances.

In its ongoing search for new technological solutions to increase its efficiency and competitiveness, there was a need to find a flexible, adaptable solution that could be highly customised, making it possible to finish the parts in a single set-up. Read more

DANOBAT surface grinder installed for the Dutch company De Rooy

DANOBAT surface grinder installed for the Dutch company De Rooy

DANOBAT surface grinder installed for the Dutch company De Rooy

Milling and measuring workpieces up to three metres in width has been quite common at the company De Rooy Slijpcentrum from Nuenen (the Netherlands). Grinding operations, however, were another story. Until now! With the purchase of a new DANOBAT surface grinder, the company can now also machine the largest workpieces with the utmost accuracy.

"We managed to handle wide workpieces for milling and measuring, but for grinding we were limited to a width of 1700 mm and a workpiece weight of 10 tonnes." says Dirk De Rooy, who leads the company together with his brother Adam. Now, with the arrival of the brand new DANOBAT surface grinder this February, that limitation is overcome. Read more

DANOBAT VG 1000/700 grinding centre to showcase at EMO 2013

The vertical grinding machines of the DANOBAT VG range

The vertical grinding machines of the DANOBAT VG range

Machining precision and quality are especially important for DANOBAT, for which R&D is being continuously carried out on the machines. The VG range is evidence of this, vertical grinding machines that stand out due to their modular design and different configurations that provide solutions to the specific and increasingly demanding needs of the customer. The different grinding heads, the turning option and the measurement techniques make the VG range the perfect solution for machining of medium and large parts that require high precision, such as stators, gears, aircraft engine bearings, etc.

All the VG series models are made up of a configuration of independent slides fitted on linear guides with a high precision recirculating roller system. The cross slide (X-axis) supports the rotary table (C-axis) while the vertical slide (Z-axis) houses the rotary B axis. Both slides are driven by two spindles mounted in tandem with independent servomotors. This system has been chosen to optimise the most demanding dynamic behaviour required for the generation of forms or diamond dressing by high precision interpolation. Both slides are equipped with linear encoders that control the movement and positioning of the slide. Read more

INDUSTRIAS TEIXIDO purchases an ultra-precision centerless grinding machine, DANOBAT ESTARTA-315FV


Rectificadora sin centros de ultraprecision DANOBAT ESTARTA 315FV

DANOBAT ESTARTA 315FV ultraprecision centerless grinding machine

DANOBAT has recently set up a centerless grinding machine ESTARTA-315FV in INDUSTRIAS TEIXIDO, a company dedicated to high precision products. This machine is considered one of the most accurate machines on the market.

  • Built on a natural granite base for optimum thermal and dynamic stability.
  • All 6 CNC axes are driven by linear motors with position control feed back by  glass scales.
  • It can accommodate work pieces from 0.5 mm up to 50 mm. Read more