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DANOBATGROUP will exhibit at IMTEX 2017, from January 26 to February 1 in Bangalore, India


DANOBATGROUP will exhibit at IMTEX 2017

Latest developments and technologies such as turning, grinding and milling-boring of DANOBAT and SORALUCE brands will be showcased at the main Indian Metal-cutting Machine Tool Exhibition, IMTEX 2017.

During this edition DANOBATGROUP will emphasize on its latest solutions for different industries such as; Read more

New order from Bombardier Transportation for the installation of an underfloor wheel lathe

DANOBAT underfloor wheel lathe

DANOBAT underfloor wheel lathe

The division specialised in railways of DANOBATGROUP continues to expand its market share with a major order from Bombardier Transportation. The Canadian company has awarded the cooperative a contract for the delivery of a DANOBAT underfloor wheel lathe  for the re-profiling of train wheels.

The DLR model (DANOBAT Light Rail) is capable of machining train wheels and brake discs. The machine features an option to work both with the axles still attached to the vehicle or with removed wheelsets and bogies. The many different configurations offer several machining capacities: wheel profile, inside and outside surface of the wheel, brake disks located on the inside or end of the axles as well as on the wheel, etc. Read more

DANOBAT participates in the European project “ZAero”

DANOBAT participates in the European proyect "ZAero"

DANOBAT participates in the European project "ZAero"

Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry

In the aerospace industry very high quality standards have to be met. For the manufacturing of carbon fibre parts this is currently solved through extended end-of-line inspection in combination with re-work processes to deal with defective parts. Also, in-situ visual inspection is used for quality control, which is currently causing huge productivity losses during lay-up and has become a real bottleneck in carbon fibre parts manufacturing. ZAero project will provide a solution by developing inline quality control methods for the key process steps: automatic lay-up (dry fibre placement and automatic dry material placement) and curing. Read more

DANOBAT has developed two highly versatile grinding machines for large parts machining for the company Grupos Diferenciales

Customised Grinders for Large Part Machining

Customised Grinders for Large Part Machining

DANOBAT has been developing two highly versatile grinding machines for Grupos Diferenciales. These grinders will make it possible to turn, grind and measure large parts using a high-efficiency process that ensures the utmost quality.

The challenge

Grupos Diferenciales, which specialises in producing high-tech gears for mechanical transmissions used in sectors such as the automotive industry, maritime transport, railway and aeronautics, performs technologically advanced tasks while providing high added value, using difficult to machine materials with close tolerances.

In its ongoing search for new technological solutions to increase its efficiency and competitiveness, there was a need to find a flexible, adaptable solution that could be highly customised, making it possible to finish the parts in a single set-up. Read more

The most advanced DANOBAT railway solutions to showcase from 20 to 23 September at the INNOTRANS 2016 trade fair



DANOBAT will showcase on hall 22A stand 601 of INNOTRAS 2016 tradefair its latest developments on railways maintenance depot equipment, exhibiting preventive and corrective solutions for a wide range of vehicles, such as high-speed trains, locomotives, commuter trains, trams and metros.

DANOBAT will also display on the stand a complete solution for the maintenance of components for rolling stock. This new solution consists of a measuring unit of train wheels, wheelset optimisation software and a new range of underfloor wheel lathes. The new development is especially geared to increasing the life-span of wheelsets by some 25% and cutting maintenance costs. Read more

SORALUCE and DANOBAT solutions to be showcased at AMB 2016 trade show



SORALUCE and DANOBAT will show their latest solutions during the AMB international exhibition for metal working that is going to be held from the 13th to the 17th September in Stuttgart.

Visitors will be able to see the latest SORALUCE developments on milling, boring and vertical turning centres on Hall 9 Stand A35, while on Hall 8 Stand C34, the attendees will be able to see the DANOBAT LG, DANOBAT LT and DANOBAT-OVERBECK ILD machines. The DANOBAT LT high precision turning machine has been designed combining all experience acquired all over the years on grinding and turning, getting a machine suitable to get highest precision when performing internal & external grinding, hard turning or milling operations among others. The DANOBAT LG external grinding machine, can perform highest precision requirements with success, making the machine a great solution for hydraulics and automotive industries. Meanwhile, the DANOBAT-OVERBECK ILD, is the latest solution for internal grinding and can meet most demanding requirements on large workpieces.

In addition, SORALUCE and DANOBAT will exhibit their latest technological developments for different industries.

Latest DANOBAT and SORALUCE solutions to be exhibited at IMTS 2016 trade show

Latest DANOBAT and SORALUCE solutions to be exhibited at IMTS 2016 exhibition

Latest DANOBAT and SORALUCE solutions to be exhibited at IMTS 2016 exhibition

DANOBAT and SORALUCE will be showing the latest technological solutions for the machining of components on South Building S-9453 at the IMTS 2016 exhibition which will be held from the 12th to the 17th September at Chicago.
Visitors at IMTS will be able to see the DANOBAT HG universal heavy duty grinding machine, as well as DANOBAT-OVERBECK IRD-400 internal, external and radius grinding machine.
The DANOBAT HG grinding machine range with moving table, can grind work pieces with lengths up to 5000mm , so it is a great choice for applications in aerospace, railway or power generation industries. Meanwhile, the DANOBAT-OVERBECK IRD range performs internal, external, radius, face and non-round grinding operations making these machines ideal for the machining of forming and cutting tools, ceramic parts as well as other components for Oil & Gas and Transmission industries. Read more

DANOBATGROUP celebrates the 25th anniversary of its delegation in China

DANOBATGROUP celebrates the 25th anniversary of its delegation in China

DANOBATGROUP celebrates the 25th anniversary of its delegation in China

DANOBATGROUP has recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its delegation in China with a ceremony held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Beijing attended by some 100 people. The event brought together authorities, customers and project partners, directors of the company, representatives of Spanish companies with offices in China, staff of the Chinese delegation, and a sizeable representation of local media.

Among other dignitaries, DANOBATGROUP was delighted to welcome the Counsellor for Economy of Spain in China, Mr. Javier Serra, the General Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China, Mr. Manuel Galán, the current General Manager of DANOBATGROUP and the next President of MONDRAGON corporation, Mr. Iñigo Ucin, as well as the current Managing Director of DANOBAT and the future General Manager of DANOBATGROUP, Mr. Pello Rodriguez. Read more

DANOBATGROUP to exhibit at CIMES 2016 from 22 to 26 June in Beijing

DANOBATGROUP to exhibit at CIMES 2016

DANOBATGROUP to exhibit at CIMES 2016

DANOBATGROUP will exhibit the latest developments and technologies of its two product brands, DANOBAT and SORALUCE, at the 13th International Machine Tool & tools exhibition -CIMES 2016-.

DANOBATGROUP will showcase in Hall W1, stand A501, its highly precise, reliable and high-output advanced machines designed to meet the most stringent demands in machining, advanced solutions for the manufacture of high added-value components for the most demanding industrial sectors, and advanced services based on the latest information and communication technology that ensure maximum availability and support in programming, operation and maintenance of the equipment. Read more

New DANOBAT LG- 1000 cylindrical grinding machine

The new LG- 1000 Grinding machine

The new LG- 1000 Grinding machine

The DANOBAT LG-1000 grinding machine is an extension of the range, becoming this way the largest model. This external and internal horizontal grinding machine, which also includes more features, is capable of grinding parts within a maximum between-centres distance of 1000 mm. Parts such as cams or eccentric diameters can also be machined on this grinding machine.

The LG range has been developed for the manufacture of highly complex parts such as cutting tools, hydraulic precision components and automotive parts. Read more