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SORALUCE Technology Days 2016 at BIMATEC SORALUCE Excellence Centre from November 14 to 18, 2016

Technology days 2016

Technology days 2016

SORALUCE  will hold from november 14 to 18 TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2016, an annual event consisting of new technologies and developments showed in real machining conditions by the leading specialists in milling, boring and vertical turning. During TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2016, the attendees will be able to experience all the benefits of the new generation of SORALUCE machines, solutions and new technologies, such as the DAS System, which has received several international awards during 2016.

TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2016 will be more special than ever, as this year SORALUCE is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Centre of Excellence in Limburg (Germany).


This year there are six good reasons to attend TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2016:

  • New SORALUCE Generation
  • Live SORALUCE Experiences
  • Technological developments through our DAS system for machining and fixturing, automation systems, multitasking of large workpieces, gantry technology, new continuous 5-axis head
  • Smart machine: Complete monitoring package
  •  World premiere of SORALUCE Academy
  • 25th anniversary of our Centre of Excellence, 25 years leading the German market

Technology days 2016